Road Services in Jackson, MI

Road Services in Jackson, MIWhen we get a call that someone is in need of roadside assistance due to a break down, flat tire, running out of fuel or some other issue we dispatch an emergency assistance crew right away. We'll send a stocked work vehicle and our technicians will try to get you up and running right then and there. Our mobile auto repair services often save people time and money! If we are unable to get your vehicle running we will tow you to the repair center of your choice or back to our auto repair facility for further diagnostics and repairs. To request roadside assistance in Jackson, WI or the surrounding area call Jimmie's Towing & Auto Repair.

  • Lock Outs
  • Jump Starts
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Mechanical Repairs
  • Tire Services
  • Diesel Starting
  • Removal from Ditch
  • Removal from Snow Bank
  • Roadside Part Delivery
  • Emergency Assistance

Mobile Auto Repair

It is our mission to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. In order to do so we have established a fleet of emergency roadside vehicles that are stocked with tools, parts and other necessities to remedy many issues that a car may succumb to during operating that would result in a break down. As part of our Jackson mobile auto repair operation our technicians can deliver auto parts, fix tire issues, provide fuel, conduct auto repair services on the spot and so much more. Should our friendly and knowledgeable technicians be unable to get you back on the road we will tow your vehicle to a shop of your choice or happily back to Jimmie's, where our team will tackle the trouble head on.

Diesel Road Service

Diesel Road Service in Jackson, MIWe offer heavy duty and commercial truck roadside assistance as well. Our diesel mechanics can resolve any issue being had by your big rig or other diesel vehicle. We can assist with diesel starts, diesel repairs, diesel fuel delivery and more. We understand that your time is valuable and vehicle down time can be damaging to your bottom line, so we work quickly to get problems resolved. Call Jimmie's for professional diesel roadside service in Jackson or the surrounding communities.

Jimmie's Towing & Auto Repair is your source for roadside assistance in Jackson, Leslie and throughout the county. If you'd like one our crews dispatched to your location call (517) 435-0314 for our Michigan Avenue location or (517) 435-0302 to reach us on Cooper Street 24 hours per day.

Road Services

"A flat tire in the rain could've ruined my already late night driving home. However, Devin and Mark came to my rescue in no time and quickly helped me on my way. The guys have excellent customer service as they were professional, caring and friendly. Thanks for turning a dismal situation into a simple fix!"
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