What's Leaking from My Car?

What's Leaking from My Car?Did you know that your vehicle uses several specialized fluids to run and drive in a safe and reliable manner? Yep, it's not just the gas in the tank that is getting you down the road. These fluids, which each are used within individual systems of the vehicle, need to be at certain volumes to ensure they can properly conduct their designed operation. If you ever notice anything dripping from you car, such as the following common automotive fluid leaks, be sure to visit a reputable auto repair shop as soon as possible.

Engine Oil Leak

One of the most common types of fluid leaks is an engine oil leak. If you spot a black or dark brown fluid collecting under the engine it's important that you have the leak checked out by a mechanic, as low oil levels can cause excessive, damaging friction within the motor.

Transmission Fluid Leak

Transmission fluid leaks are often accompanied by grinding sounds while shifting or delayed shifting. This fluid is usually red in color and will leak near the front end of your car, truck or SUV.

Differential Fluid Leak

Differential fluid looks very similar to transmission fluid, so the past way to tell them apart is by taking note of where the leak is occurring. If the red fluid is near the back of the vehicle, it's more likely a differential fluid leak than a transmission fluid leak.

Power Steering Fluid Leak

If you notice a whining noise while turning or if the steering wheel clicks during sharp turns, take a peek under your vehicle to see if you spot any liquid. Chances are that if you do, it is power steering fluid.

Coolant Leak

Coolant is usually bright green in color and has a sweet, maple-like smell. It's critical that coolant leaks are taken care of ASAP, as this fluid is needed to prevent the car's engine from overheating.

Brake Fluid Leak

Should you spot a clearish-brown fluid collecting near one of the wheels, you may have a brake fluid leak. If the brake pedal feels softer than normal when you push it, you may want to consider having your car towed to a shop, as you may lose braking ability while driving.

It's important to take care of leaks as soon as they are noticed, or else you could end up with even bigger car trouble. For expert automotive leak repair in Jackson, MI, head to the Jimmie's Towing & Auto Service nearest you. Our team of expert auto repair technicians will have you back on the road in no time. Whenever you need auto repair in Jackson give us a call at the location nearest you.

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