Top Symptoms of General Car Trouble

Top Symptoms of General Car TroubleCars are pretty smart, but they've fallen short of being able to repair themselves, despite what many people think. They can, however, provide the driver of the vehicle with many different symptoms if there is trouble onboard. If you ever suspect car problems it is important that you visit a mechanic as soon as possible, as the issue will certainly get worse. The following are five of the most common signs of general car trouble.

Weird Noises

Strange noises are one of the most common ways to tell if something is wrong with your vehicle. A few of the most common problems diagnosed by sound are squealing brakes, indicating low brake pads, and grinding gear noises, which can be a sign of low transmission fluid.

Odd Smells

If you catch a whiff of something strange as you cruise down the road, it may be time to visit the auto shop. A common smell people who drive manual transmission vehicles report is a burning smell that occurs as they shift. This is indicative of a worn clutch. If the odor of dirty clothes is present in your vehicle, you may have mold growth in your heater or AC vents.


Many problems can cause shaking and vibrating that is felt throughout the vehicle. For example, poor wheel alignment may cause the steering wheel to shake back and forth. If your vehicle has an exhaust leak, the gas pedal is likely to vibrate. Warped brake rotors will indeed cause a vibration in the brake pedal.


You car uses a number of special liquids to help ensure proper operation of the vehicle. If you ever notice anything dripping from your car it is imperative that you visit an auto shop right away. Common leaks include engine oil leaks, coolant leaks and transmission fluid leaks.

Dashboard Indicator Light

There are a number of lights that may illuminate your dashboard if a sensor on your vehicle detects an issue. The most common dashboard indicator light is the check engine light, but others include the ABS light, which stands for anti-lock braking system, as well as the battery light and tire pressure light. Head to a shop as soon as one of these lights comes on so that proper diagnostics can be run.

If you believe that your vehicle is suffering from some sort of ailment, don't hesitate to have it checked out, as it will get worse. For proper auto repair in Jackson, MI, head to Jimmie's Towing & Auto Service. Our expert auto and truck repair technicians service all makes and models, including big rigs. To learn more, or to schedule superior truck repair in Jackson, give us a call at (517) 435-0314 on Michigan Avenue or (517) 435-0302 on Cooper Street.

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