Smells that Indicate Car Trouble

Smells that Indicate Car TroubleThere are many ways to tell if your vehicle is in need of service. Most commonly you'll see a check engine light or hear a weird noise. Another symptom of car trouble would be a strange smell. Depending on what you liken the odor to you can often make an educated guess about the cause of the smell. Let's look at five common smells that should be a clear indication that you need to visit the auto shop.

Rotten Egg Smell

The stench of rotten eggs is terrible. If you catch a whiff of something that smells like this it is probably that your vehicle's catalytic converter is having trouble operating as designed. However, this may also be caused by an engine that is running hot or a broken fuel pressure regulator.

Maple Syrup Smell

While it may not be a bad smell to your nose, if you notice a sweet, maple-like smell coming from your car, a trip to the auto shop is in the near future. This is often a sign of a cooling system leak.

Gym Bag Smell

The smell of dirty gym socks often indicates mold in the heater or AC vents. This can usually be fixed by blasting the heaters on high for an extended amount of time, combined with the use of air fresheners.

Gasoline Smell

If you can smell gasoline, you will want to not drive your vehicle. This could be a sign of gas leak, which may come from a variety of places. The most common spots for gas leaks include the fuel filter, fuel pump or the fuel injectors.

Rubber Smell

Unless you've been doing burnouts, the smell of rubber is not good, especially if it is coming from under the hood. The most common culprits include a melting drive belt or an overheating AC compressor. If you smell a burning rubber/burning paper smell and you drive a stick shift, it maybe time for a new clutch.

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