Is it Time for Suspension Repair?

Is it Time for Suspension Repair?Vehicles are made up of numerous systems that work together to ensure a safe, comfortable and reliable ride. One of those systems, the suspension, plays into all three of those key categories. While many people associate the suspension with ride comfort, it does so much more. It is also tasked with ensuring that the car remains upright while cornering and it keeps all four wheels on the ground at all time to ensure full braking power is available. If you ever notice any of these signs of suspension trouble be sure to visit your local auto repair shop.

One corner is low

Does it seem as if one corner of your car sags? Is the tire in that corner fully inflated? If you answered yes to both of these questions then it could be that the suspension in that corner has failed and essentially collapsed on itself. This issue can result in drifting, as well as excessive and odd tire wear. It is important to have this problem checked out as soon as possible to prevent further driveability concerns.

Oily struts

The struts that absorb the bounce of your car to help ensure a stable ride utilize a specialized fluid to do so. The fluid, which is more of an oil, is contained within the strut housing. If the housing, also referred to as the casing, cracks, or the oil leaks from a failed seal, it will result in a much more rigid ride. The strut will need to be replaced to restore proper ride comfort and control.

Rolling sensation

If you ever go around a corner and if feels like your vehicle is going to roll over, it could be due to a failed anti-sway bar. This part of the suspension system is tasked with transferring the center of gravity of the vehicle to keep it upright.

Excessive bouncing

If you believe that the suspension system is not working as designed there is a quick test you can perform. Press on the hood or trunk of the vehicle several time to get the whole car to begin bouncing up and down. After you stop pressing the car should return to a stable position by the fourth bounce. Any more than that and it is probable that the suspension system is in need of service.

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