Common Signs of an Exhaust Leak

Common Signs of an Exhaust LeakThe exhaust system is a heavily worked system, yet it has no moving parts past the exhaust valves. While it's primary function is to remove fumes from the engine created through combustion to improve performance, the exhaust system does so much more. While routing exhaust from the motor to the tailpipe the fumes pass through the catalytic converter, which converts the hazardous gases into less harmful emissions. The exhaust system also is designed to dampen engine noise, but perhaps more importantly, it prevents those deadly gasses from entering the passenger cabin. As you can see, the exhaust system does quite a bit. If you ever notice any of these signs of an exhaust leak be sure to visit your local auto repair shop as soon as possible.

Heavily Decreased MPGs

While many things can cause a decrease in fuel efficiency an exhaust leak can really wreak havoc on your miles per gallon. This is because the oxygen sensor, which monitors oxygen in the exhaust to help determine how much fuel to burn, won't be able to take proper measurements if outside air is mixing with the emissions. This will result in readings that excessive oxygen and will then trigger the car to burn more gasoline to make up for the false reading.

Loud Engine Noises

The exhaust system is designed to help reduce engine noise. If it suddenly sounds like you're driving a hot rod, especially during rapid acceleration, it is very probable that your car has an exhaust leak.

Vibrating Gas Pedal

Another common symptom of an exhaust leak is a gas pedal that seems to continuously vibrate, but more so while accelerating. This is essentially a reverberation of the exhaust fumes escaping from the pathway they are supposed to stay in. Any time you feel strange vibrations it is important to let an auto shop conduct diagnostics.

If you believe your car may have an exhaust leak be sure to visit a trusted auto repair shop, as driving with a leak is not only bad for your car, but it could be deadly for you. To request exhaust repair in Jackson, MI, head to Jimmie's Towing & Auto Service. Our expert technicians will gladly help you fix any issues your car may have. Give us a call at (517) 435-0314 on Michigan Avenue or (517) 435-0302 on Cooper Street to schedule professional auto repair in Jackson or the surrounding area.

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