What to do when you need a tow truck

What to do when you need a tow truckWhen it comes to your automobile, few things are as inconvenient and time consuming as a breakdown. One second you're cruising down the highway and the next, bang, bam, womp, hissssssss.The engine shuts off, or at least begins making increasingly strange and loud noises that you've never heard before, and performance drops to zero. Major car trouble is going to result in the need for a tow truck. If you have found yourself in this situation you will want to ensure you end up with a towing company that can not only get your car out of the street, but also get it repaired. Let's look at what you should do should it be necessary to contact a towing company.

If possible move your car to a safe location

If your car is driveable at all you will want to navigate it to the shoulder, or better yet, into a parking lot or a side street where traffic is minimal. Driving a car with a damaged engine or other component in order to reach a safer location is much more important than worrying about additional damage. At this point, what's done is done, so safety should be your number one priority. A car broken down in the freeway is a hazard to yourself and driver's whirring by.

Put up flares or other safety aides

If you have flares or other reflective devices, such as road triangles, now is the time to use them. Warning people of a broken down vehicle using these types of aides will help reduce the chances of an accident. This is especially true at night.

Contact an appropriate towing company

Once your car is as safe and secure as possible you will want to contact a towing company. A quick search on your phone will likely reveal a bevy of options in your area, but make sure to select a company that also offers auto repair. This will generally save you in towing costs, if you allow the business to also repair your vehicle. If you are driving a semi or other large vehicle you will need to contact a commercial towing company to ensure they have the power to move your rig.

Ride with the driver, or arrange a ride

Most towing companies will allow you to accompany the driver to the drop off location. You can also arrange for a ride from a friend or relative, if you are in a local area.

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