Top Big Rig Towing & Recovery Issues

Top Big Rig Towing & Recovery IssuesSometimes the biggest problem with a broken down semi truck is finding a wrecking company that can get it to a shop. It's even trickier when an accident is involved, particularly when the semi truck has rolled over or ended up in the ditch or mud. If you're the owner or driver of a big rig you may already know these troubles. If you do end up in a tricky situation it is important that you work with a reputable big rig wrecking company that can get your semi-truck safely towed to a shop for further service. Let's look at some common situations in which you will need a professional semi-truck recovery company to assist.

Breakdown Towing

No matter what you drive you could end up on the shoulder if the vehicle suffers some sort of malfunction under the hood. Simply towing a big rig that is already on the road is difficult, so be sure to contact a company that specializes in semi-truck towing.

Accident Recovery

It is important that a qualified wrecker and operator is sent to an accident scene. Depending on the situation, such as a flipped cab or trailer or a truck in the ditch, a particular piece of equipment will be necessary for recovery. Knowing the limits of the wrecker and how to properly hook up a damaged truck is key for safe towing.

Fully Loaded Semi-Trailers

When a trailer is fully loaded special equipment may be necessary to transport the trailer. A big rig towing company will be able to get the right wrecker out for assistance based on how big the load is.

Mud Extractions

Soft and muddy shoulders can easily cause semis to get stuck. This is a major inconvenience as it will slow down your day by quite a bit if you're not quickly extracted. A big rig specialty company knows that your time is valuable and will work quickly to get you on your way.


Jackknifing and similar situations require a certain knowledge and knowhow in order to get everything straightened out. It also takes a level of creativity to clear the roadway.

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