How do I know if my car needs engine repair?

How do I know if my car needs engine repair?Do you want your car to run for hundreds of thousands of miles with little or no repair? Well you better be sure to keep up with scheduled auto maintenance in order to avoid massive component failure. Without maintenance, or simply due to the wear and tear of covering many, many miles, you will likely see signs that your vehicle is struggling to perform. Not only will engine problems cause your car to suffer from decreased power and fuel efficiency, but you may end up needing an engine rebuild or even a new engine if you look past these signs of trouble from your car's engine.

Check engine light

The little orange light on your dashboard that scares everyone shouldn't frighten you. More than likely a sensor has detected a small problem that will require a simple fix. However, if you put off the repair you're going to end up with a much bigger problem on your hand. It is imperative to get to the repair shop as soon as this light comes on in order to receive proper diagnostics.

Knocking noises

Any time you hear strange noises while driving your car you are better off having them checked out by a professional mechanic, as they can mean so many different things. More often than not though, a knocking noise that is coming from under the hood indicates worn out engine bearings. These bearings are what the moving parts of the motor rest on, and should they seize up due to insufficient lubrication you'll wind up needing major repairs.

Metal shavings in oil

Be sure that the technicians who change your oil inspect the old oil that is drained from your vehicle. If any metal shavings are found in it there should be concern about unwanted friction between the moving parts inside the engine. Further diagnostics will likely need to be completed to develop a proper solution.

Colorful exhaust smoke

Increased amounts of exhaust smoke should always be concerning. Depending on the color of the smoke you can usually tell what the trouble is. White smoke means that coolant is being burnt up, putting your vehicle at risk of overheating. Blue smoke means that engine oil is boiling away, which will cause decreased lubrication inside the motor. Black smoke indicates that too much gasoline is being burnt up, which can result in several other problems for your motor.


Nothing should ever leak from your vehicle. If you spot a drip don't hesitate to contact your local auto repair shop. Common leaks that affect the engine are oil leaks, which result in decreased lubrication between the moving engine parts, and coolant leaks, which increase the chances of overheating.

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