5 Common Signs of Transmission Trouble

5 Common Signs of Transmission TroubleThe transmission is one of the most intricate pieces of machinery in your vehicle. It requires meticulous care and maintenance in order to keep it working well. This includes transmission fluid flushes and fluid filter changes in order to ensure that gears can be properly changed and engaged. If the transmission fails to operate properly, especially in an automatic transmission, it is likely due to low fluid levels. The following is a list of the most common transmission trouble symptoms; if you notice any of them be sure to have a mechanic take a look at the issue as soon as possible.

Grinding Noises

Oftentimes, grinding noises that occur while shifting are one of the first signs of trouble for any transmission. In a manual transmission this can represent trouble with the synchronization of gears. For an automatic transmission it may indicate low fluid levels or a failing torque converter.

Burning Paper Smell

If you drive a manual transmission vehicle you likely remember that when you were first learning to drive a smell would occur after riding the clutch while trying to accelerate in first gear. If you begin to experience this smell as a veteran clutch driver there is a good chance that you need a clutch plate replacement or an adjustment of the clutch linkage.

Popping Out of Gear

A transmission that shifts unnecessarily between gears or pops into neutral is not only a big transmission problem, but it is also a safety hazard. This issue will cause control issues that include losing power from the engine. If this happens to you seek a mechanic right away.

Slow Response from Automatic Transmission

Does your vehicle's RPMs escalate highly while the automatic transmission shifts? This is usually an indicator that there is some sort of leak in the transmission, or at least that there is low levels of transmission fluid. Adding fluid may resolve this issue.

Transmission Fluid Leak

The most obvious sign of transmission trouble would be a visible transmission fluid leak. This fluid is often dyed red in order to make it easier to differentiate from other automobile fluids. If you find this liquid collecting under your vehicle contact a mechanic right away.

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