5 Common Check Engine Light Triggers

5 Common Check Engine Light TriggersThe check engine light is wrongfully feared. It often causes drivers' hearts to skip a beat when they see it come on but really they should be thanking it. This light often indicates a small problem that can usually be resolved with a simple repair. However, the longer you wait to have diagnostics ran once the light comes on the more likely you are to suffer some sort of bigger trouble. The following are some common triggers of this light, starting with one of the worst issues, however it is one that can be avoided with timely repair.

Faulty catalytic converter

The catalytic converter converts hazardous exhaust gases into less harmful emissions. It uses precious metals to do so and for that reason this part costs quite a bit. As mentioned it usually takes some other issue to cause it to fail. In most cases the light would have turned on long ago if it detected the initial issue. This is why it is important to have diagnostics ran ASAP!

Malfunctioning sensors

Your car uses numerous sensors in order to operate in peak condition. These two are often times at fault for triggering the light.

  • MAF sensor - The mass airflow sensor is also responsible for calculating the air/fuel mixture for the engine. It measures incoming air and ensures the correct amount is mixed with the gas. A malfunctioning MAF sensor can result in excessive fuel burning.
  • O2 sensor - The oxygen sensor detects oxygen in the exhaust fumes to help determine the correct air/fuel mixture for the engine. Misreadings can result in the car running rich.

Misfiring spark plugs

If one or more of the spark plugs are misfiring it will result in a rough running engine. This is an issue that could leave you and your car stranded.

Loose or broken gas cap

On the other end of the spectrum is a problem that can be fixed with the turn of the wrist. A loose, broken or cracked gas cap will cause the light to turn on because the EVAP system will detect gas evaporating out of the filler tube, which is a huge waste of fuel!

If your check engine light has come on do the smart thing and get to the shop right away. For check engine light diagnostics in Jackson, MI head over to see the team at Jimmy's Towing & Auto Service. We will have your car running great in no time. Our expert auto repair technicians can really do it all! Give us a call at (517) 435-0314 on Michigan Avenue or (517) 435-0302 on Cooper Street any time you need auto repair in Jackson.

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