Does my Car Need a New Starter Motor?

Does my Car Need a New Starter Motor?The automotive starting system is rather complex. It requires several individual parts to work together in order to get the engine up and running. When the ignition is turned it sends an electrical charge from the battery to the starter motor, which causes it to actuate its pinion gear. This gear connects with the flywheel, which is connected to the engine, and spins it, thus getting the pistons pumping to create the compression necessary to combust the air and fuel mixture so that it can then run on it's own.

If the starter motor fails the engine will not be able to spin and your car will not start. If you're having trouble getting your vehicle started now be sure to get to a shop before the car dies completely. You'll generally be able to tell if it is a problem with the starter motor if it is exhibiting one of the following conditions.

Click or Clicking Noises

If you hear a click or series of clicks after turning the key you can be positive that the starter motor is not working properly. This is the sound of the motor actuating, but not spinning. This generally indicates that the starter solenoid has failed.

Buzzing Noise

If you can hear a buzzing noise in your vehicle when you try to start it this may indicate a flow of electricity to the starter, but not enough to get it to do the work. This may not actually be a starter motor problem, rather than an issue with dirty connection in the electrical wires of the starting system.

Whirring Sound

A "whir" sound that occurs after you turn the key means that the starter is actuating and spinning, but it is not connecting with the flywheel. The sound you are hearing is the starter motor spinning by itself.

Grinding Noises when Starting the Car

Strange grinding noises that occur when you try and fire up the engine can mean a few things. One of the more common issues is that the mounting bolts for the starter have come loose, thus making it very difficult for the pinion gear and flywheel to properly mesh.

Starting problems are no fun, but they are relatively easy to diagnose and repair for most cars. Be sure to let a professional technician take a peek at your vehicle to ensure that it is fixed correctly. For expert starter repair in Jackson, MI, for any make and model visit the Jimmie's Towing & Auto Service location nearest you. We provide the highest quality auto repair for all makes and models. Give us a call at the nearest location to request a tow truck or to schedule professional auto repair in Jackson, MI.

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