Do I Need Cooling System or Radiator Repair?

Do I Need Cooling System or Radiator Repair?The cooling system is one of the most important systems in your vehicle. It regulates the temperature at which the engine operates ensuring that it does not overheat, which can lead to major issues such as blown head gaskets and even cracked engine blocks. There are a few signs you may receive if you are having trouble with your radiator or other components of the cooling system. Here are 4 signs of cooling system trouble to keep your eyes out for if you are at all suspect of radiator issues.

Rising Temperature Gauge

If your dashboard temp gauge begins to rise into the red you'll want to pull over immediately. Let your engine cool before trying to go any further. Driving with a hot engine will only lead to major damage. If possible get to the closest auto repair shop, and if deemed necessary you will want to have your car towed to avoid any potential damage. However this issue can also be caused by a faulty thermostat.

White Smoke from Under the Hood

One of the most common signs of cooling system trouble is white smoke pouring out from under the hood. This means your car is overheating and your first instinct should be to pull over and turn the engine off. Wait until the smoke stops spewing in order to pop the hood. This issue is often caused by low coolant fluids or a faulty water pump.

Low Coolant Levels

As part of your general auto maintenance routine you should occasionally check your coolant level. This is a simple process that involves popping the hood when the engine is cool and looking at the coolant reservoir to see what the coolant level is. If it is found to be low but you can't detect a leak there is a good chance the coolant is being burnt up inside the engine. If this is the case you will likely experience puffy white exhaust as well.

Visible Coolant Leak

Coolant, otherwise known as antifreeze, is generally a bright green fluid that has a sweet smell. If you notice this collecting under your car there is likely a leak coming from the radiator or one of the connected hoses. Head to the repair shop ASAP to have the leak detected and repaired!

The cooling system is vital for proper engine operation so you should never delay having potential issues looked at. If you need cooling system or radiator repair in Jackson, be sure to reach out to the team at Jimmie's Towing & Auto Repair. We're a full service auto repair shop with two locations that also offers accident recovery and towing in Jackson. To learn more or to request an appointment for expert auto repair in Jackson give us a call at (517) 435-0314 on Michigan Avenue or (517) 435-0302 on Cooper Street.

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